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Marlenna's love for dance started at the age of 3.  She began her training at Carol Lynn Dance Studio in Rialto.  After learning the basics in tap, jazz and ballet her family decided to make a move to Freddie Finn Studios in Riverside where her love for tap began thanks to her instructors.  With Freddie Finn, Marlenna won many city and state competitions.  During high school she was captain and co-captain of the dance team team at Eisenhower for 3 years where she performed in numerous shows and also choreographed for some of them.


During college she began training at Bre Dance Studio under Clifford Breland and began taking classes at Chaffey college with George Reeder and Michele Jenkins.  It was during this time she realized just how important ballet training is in all aspects of dance.  Marlenna continues to take dance classes at Chaffey and has choreographed for the Fall Showcase and Spring concert under Michele Jenkins.

Ms. Marlenna

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