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Ms. Shaquan

Shaquan Henderson first began praise dancing at Faith Center Ministries in Walnut at the age of 12. Even before ever taking a dance class, she was gifted to learn and execute choreography effortlessly. During the summer of 2004 she had her first opportunity to assist La Shawn Garnett in teaching dance for Trinity Dance Camp as a summer job. Later on in 2004, Shaquan joined the Diamond Ranch High School’s Dance Company under the teachings of Director Typhani Harris. Her first year on the junior varsity team, she received a trophy for best technique. As her skills grew she became part of the repertory team and also had the opportunity to co-choreograph hip-hop routines. In 2006 she became one of the founders of the Diamond Ranch National Honors Society of Dance. Shaquan has studied dance at Mt. San Antonio College and Chaffey College. Traveling to South Africa to minister through dance has been one of her most cherished memories.


Currently, she has taken the role of studio director and leading the outreach teams here at Dare to Dream. Shaquan is elated and proud to be a part of a studio family where she can share her love for children, dance, and God.

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